Coding Block

Stuck with a piece of coding ? How about letting your freewheeling mind take the strain, while you’re driving home. Or sit in a pub, and write out a stream of ideas that revolve in your head. Or get up in the middle of the night because your mind is too full, and put your ideas on paper until your mind is sufficiently at rest to go back to sleep.

It’s amazing how many times a combination of the above circumstnaces have helped me out of a rut. At times your conscious mind becomes so intent on one type of solution that other options are not even considered. That’s why letting your backseat mind take the strain sometimes helps.

Or just discussing and explaining your problem with either another IT specialist or even a layperson can make you see the light : merely by making things clearer in your mind is it often possible to blow away the cobwebs and see the light.


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