I don’t know how many people are familiar with the Dilbert cartoon, but for those who are and working for a big company like Tata Steel, there is a clear sense of recognition in many of the scenes depicted in it.

For instance I used the following cartoon on agile programming to poke fun at the dismissal by some Process Control people of this type of programming being close to the cowboy method.

Or the following on KPIs I used at the start of my British Computing Society lecture on “Data you can trust”.

So why do these cartoons strike such a cord, not just with me, but with many other people who are familiar with IT and data processing ? Is it because we all know someone who comes dangerously close to the indolence of Wally, or the pretend knowledge and the zero-evidence decisionmaking of the Pointy-haired Boss ?

Or is it because some of the opinions expressed are often only exaggerated version of opinions held or expressed in real life ? The number of times you come across a situation so unbelievably stupid or ridiculous that it crosses your mind “this could be a Dilbert cartoon”.

Whatever the case, and even though I’m no longer working, I still receive my daily dose of Dilbert nonsense in my email inbox. And loving it.


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