Decadal Birthdays

During the period 1973-2016 described in this blog I passed five decadal milestones, at age 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. Just wanted to use this blog to reflect on each of these steps.

Aged 20, December 1975

I had just completed my (repeat) first year successfully, and had now started my second year. Still early days in my studies, but at least I had got the initial failure out of my system and would not repeat it again.

Aged 30, December 1985

My second year at Iscor, and my first year as a married man. At work I had started making a name for myself through my work on hydrogen in steel as well as the cleanliness of continuous cast steel for DWI applications.

Aged 40, December 1995

My last month with Allied Steel & Wire, and at this stage I already knew I had the job in British Steel’s Tinplate R&D. This helped somewhat to get over the disappointment of having been made redundant.

Aged 50, December 2005

Having successfully made the jump, first from Tinplate R&D to Ebbw Vale, and then from Ebbw Vale to Llanwern, I was now in the process of establishing the web-based systems from the hot strip mill to Llanwern’s pickle line and cold mill. I think by this time I had also already started making some headway in setting up a traffic light system for Port Talbot’s hot strip mill.

Aged 60, December 2015

At this stage I had already started the process of getting ready for my retirement, being in my third month of helping Theo to get used to dealing with internal IT customers. Just before the Christmas period I helped to set up an entry system to record the contributions each of the middle managers promised to make to help save the business. The shock of Tata’s plans to sell of all of its UK business were still a few months in the future.


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