Metallurgy Staff

I wrote a blog entry on Professor Dilewijns, but obviously there were other main players in the two laboratories (Laboratorium voor algemene metallurgie, siderurgie en fysische metaalkunde on the one hand, the Laboratorium voor non-ferrometallurgie en elektrometallurgie on the other) that I frequented as a student and a researcher.

Yvan Houbaert (1946 – now)

Yvan Houbaert

I was in my first stint as researcher at professor Dilewijns laboratory when professor Houbaert joined in 1980 to fill the vacant position of physical metallurgy. Prior to going in the army I did the preparatory work for a thesis on internal oxidation of Cu-1%Al alloy for professor Houbaert, but I don’t remember having much to do with him during my second stint.

Presumably he stepped into the shoes of professor Dilewijns once the latter retired, and in the meantime has reached the age of being an emeritus himself.

Jan Penning (1944 – now)

Jan Penning

Jan Penning was the main assistant to professor Dilewijns all through my time there. From the records that he has been given an honorary professorship, but don’t know anything more about the circumstances that led up to it.

Arseen Van Peteghem (??? – 2007)

Head of the laboratory for non-ferrous metallurgy and professor Dilewijns’ counterpart there. His course of thermodynamics in metallurgy was one of major bugbears as a student.

Emiel Wettinck (1943 – 2007)

Emiel Wettinck was the second in command at the laboratory for non-ferrous metallurgy, and in charge of me during my thesis work there. From the records I can see he climbed the ranks, but died at the rather young age of 64, before he even got to become emeritus.


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