Living in South Africa

Throughout my time in South Africa, from February 1984 to July 1989, I lived and worked in Vanderbijlpark, about 50 miles south of Johannesburg. I have managed to locate the places where I was based during my time there using Google StreetView, although obviously there have been some changes. At the time I was living there all these properties belonged to Iscor, whereas one (the student block) is now part of the Vaal Triangle University student accommodation, and the others appear to be privately owned flats and houses.


The major difference is that all of the properties have fences around them, whereas in the past there was just a low wall to designate the boundary. The largest difference is Aalwyn Tuine, which used to be just houses in an open plan setting, where you could just walk through unimpeded. Now it clearly is a gated housing community, possibly a sign of the times in the current multi-cultural South Africa.

Student Accommodation, Hertz Boulevard

Student Accommodation Lived there for the first few weeks, until Iscor had found me a proper flat in Becquerel Court. Is now Faranani NWU Student Residence, part of the Vaal Triangle Campus.

Becquerel Court, Becquerel Street

Becquerel Court Lived here from March 1984 till ?May 1985. Had to move to Greenways once Becquerel Coourt was being evacuated for refurbishment. Now presumably private flats.

Greenways, Davenport Street

Greenways Lived here from ?May 1985 till November 1986. Managed to have a move to Aalwyn Tuine arranged just prior to our daughter’s birth. Again presumably private flats now.

Aalwyn Tuine, Boswell Street

Aalwyn Tuine Lived here from November 1986 till June 1989, when I left South Africa. Now appears to be a gated community.

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