Firing Range

Never in mind have I ever handled or used a gun of any description – apart from the obvious exception of the Belgian army, of course. Still, we didn’t get the amount of exposure that you might have expected: in total I spent 5 cartridges using a FAL, and on a separate occasion 5 using a Vigneron.

That’s it. The choice of weapon is not all that surprising, since both are manufactured in Belgium, so it would make sense to use your local supply for your national army. For all I know they may be OK weapons to use in combat, but from my exposure to them I wouldn’t be able to say, and I have nothing to compare them with anyway.

All I can remember from these exercises was us standing in a row, waiting for our turn at the firing range, and me pointing the pack of cartridges (not even loaded in the gun!) at my mate next to me saying and saying “Pang! You’re dead!”. To which the sergeant nearby replied “I’m keeping my eye on you”. As if I was really going to run amok with a grand total of five cartridges !?!

If he intended to mean that I wasn’t taking the whole thing sufficiently serious, then that’s probably not far from the truth. But then again I had trouble taking the whole Belgian army set-up seriously, and doing shooting practice with such a limited sample only confirmed my prejudice in this respect.


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