Heather Small’s “Proud”

Following in the foot steps of the London 2012 Olympic bid, “Proud” was used to conclude some of the earlier Journey days. You could almost call it a signature tune for showman MD Phil Dryden which was supposed to send the message : what are you going to do from this day forward to help this business on its feet again ? If it had stopped there I would have thought “good tune, maybe just the type of thing you would expect on party conferences, but not annoying”.

That is, until the following happened. In 2006 the Journey activities were in full swing, as part of which some buildings (or at least, parts of them) were being spruced up in attempt to get rid of the steel industry’s dingy image. 2006 was also the year when I spent more and more time in Port Talbot’s hot mill building where I had acquired an office on the second floor just at the top of the stairs. As such I could witness how the entry lobby was being given a make-over, as well as the upstairs conference room and to a lesser degree the rest of the top floor.

As part of the make-over the entry lobby got a partitioning wall, so that visitors could be diverted to the manager’s office and the conference room without having to see the still dingy corridor behind the partitioning – sounds almost like “Upstairs, Downstairs”, doesn’t it ? There were also some nice chairs and a glass-topped table with a few Corus magazines where visitors could wait in comfort until they could be seen. And to top it all off, there was a large flat screen TV which for most of the time was used to show BBC News, but could also be used to announce production records, or any other event management wanted to highlight.

One such an event must have been one of the recent Journey days, because one day, the music of Heather Small’s “Proud” was being played on a never-ending continuous loop as the background to a video that repeated itself for what seemed like forever. Not so much fun for someone like me and my room mate who were sitting in our office almost on top of said television – even if you like the song, playing it incessantly becomes like Chinese water torture. In the end it can’t have been played for more than a day, but the event got stuck in my mind as if it lasted a lot longer.

Whatever the case, I’m over it now, and to prove there’s no hard feelings, here it is :



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