Reward and Recognition

During the first few years after Tata had taken over, a “Reward & Recognition” scheme was introduced, whereby anyone could nominate anyone who they thought had done a sterling job. When approved the person in question received a voucher worth £25 as a thank you for their efforts.

At the time I did not pay too much attention to it, and still don’t know what criteria apply for such a request to be approved, but I remember feeling rather cynical about it – after all, what does £25 mean in the grand scheme of things ? It doesn’t even amount to half a week’s shopping in Asda.

That perception changed the moment I happened to become the recipient of two reward & recognition vouchers in quick succession. Both came shortly before I retired, and after I had completed the development of two separate recording systems, one for our Occupational Health people, the other for our Internal Audit team. Especially was a bit touch and go but I still managed to have the last building blocks in place within the last month before I retired.

Somehow, even though the £25 voucher is not a big deal, it adds a bit of meaning to the thank you card you receive, and shows that someone is willing to put their money where their mouth is. Mind you, the surprise value also matters – presumably I wouldn’t have felt so good about if I had been half-expecting the reward.

So I assume that’s one in the eye for my normal cynical self.


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